Accomplishing Tests That Support Speedy Patient Recovery

Rehabilitation centers offer custom‑fit treatment plans that may require diagnostic assessments. However, some facilities do not have access to a suite of equipment and technologies that help monitor the patient’s progress. That’s why our sonographers travel to treatment centers in Southern Nevada, saving our clients from the extra cost and inconvenience of an off‑site ultrasound session.

Accessible and Affordable Service

Our professionals work hard to make sure every client experiences fast and hassle‑free services. We will work around your schedule, providing fairly priced diagnostic procedures with ease and efficiency.

Individualize Care and Attention

Here at National Diagnostics Associates, LLC, the needs of our patients always come first. Our staff takes the time to listen to each client, going above and beyond to provide quality assessments along with attentive customer service.

Need to Run Some Tests?

For details on our procedures, professionals, and prices, reach out to our team today.