Schedule a Stress-Free Ultrasound Service Right at Home

Monitor your loved one’s condition with quick and convenient diagnostic procedures done within the safety of your home. Our reliable professionals will travel to your location in Southern Nevada, saving homebound patients and family members from the hassles of a tedious visit to clinics or testing facilities.

Continuity of Care

Our company was founded with the goal of providing consistent, quality home care services for individuals in need. We help patients and their caregivers experience easier healthcare management, ensuring swift procedures and accurate results every time.

Reliable Services From Trained Staff

Have one of our experienced sonographers pay you a visit for any diagnostic procedure you may need. Our compassionate and detail‑oriented staff optimize state‑of‑the‑art ultrasound equipment of the highest quality, so you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving superior services at all times.

Request a Diagnostic Service Now

If you’re interested in booking our staff for an at-home ultrasound service, get in touch with us today.